Bedrooms with air-conditioning

With a traditional Moroccan decoration, its warm colours perfectly fitting the ochre adobe walls and the weeds ceilings, the rooms in the hotel are comfortable in winter as well as in summer, thanks to reversible air-conditioning. Most of the rooms have a large double bed and a single bed. The largest ones can get an extra bed for a child.

The hotel also offers large rooms for five or six persons.

And finally, you can opt for a small room in the basement, for a small price. They are comfortable, and with bathroom, but no air-conditioning. A good solution for small budgets.

Double room

Double room

Warm water is guaranteed, with a sufficient pressure, and the bathrooms are equipped with showers and European WC.

Like the terraces, the bedrooms have a wonderful view of the casbahs of Ait Ben Haddou and Tamdakht.

Accommodation on the terrace

Backpackers and low cost travellers, or stars lovers can spend a night on the terrace for 5 €. They can use the showers and the swimming pool.


Rose du Sable offers 18 rooms with bathroom, of which 12 with air-conditioning and balcony. Approximately 30 people can sleep on the terrace.


First price for a room with air-conditioning, bathroom and balcony: 27 €. See the details of our prices

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