Walls of kasbah Tamdaght

Walls of kasbah Tamdaght

Glawi Kasbah in Tamdaght

Glawi Kasbah in Tamdaght is one of the many fortresses built by this family, which ruled the south of Morocco for more than half a century, mainly around Ouarzazate, from the end of XIX° century to the Moroccan Independance. These buildings were meant to host the caïds (local chiefs), their family, and a more or less important garrison, depending of the local tribe obedience. With a very few exceptions, these caids where members of the Glawi family. The most well known of the Glawis was the last Pasha of Marrakech, and father to a French actor, Mehdi.

It is different from a ksar like Ait Ben Haddou, which was built and extended through the years. Kasbahs are mainly one-family military and dwelling buildings, and its secondary goal was to show the wealth of the Glawis. Its architecture, at least in Tamdaght, is more massive.

A trip to the kasbah

Rather isolated, it can't be seen from very far away. It is a beautiful destination for a one day walk (or half a day if you take a car). You can't visit the whole building, but you can walk along the narrow streets of the small village at its feet and admire the view.