Chicken skewers

Chicken skewers

Moroccan and Berber cooking

We offer Moroccan or European breakfasts, with a choice between tea, mint tea and coffee, a fruit juice, pastries, bread, butter, cheese, jam and egg.

Meals have three courses, with a starter, a main dish and a dessert. The menu lists the must of Moroccan food, like the tomatoes salad, a mixed salad or a hot soup for starters. The main course can be a tagine, a couscous, or grilled meat and skewers. Dessert will be a selection of fresh fruits, or an orange salad with cinnamon. We can also offer Moroccan pastries, a yoghourt or a caramel cream... or even a pastilla (extra cost: 8 €).

Special events

We can also organize a party evening, with our best in Moroccan cooking: mutton meswhi (meswhi is a special preparation, where a whole mutton is roasted in a closed adobe oven for several hours) and a local music group. You have the choice between ahidous (Berber musician and singers) or gnawa. On request also, a special menu with a starter (soup or salad), pastilla, a couscous and a dessert, for 15 €.

Prices and capacities

Between the different restaurants and terraces, La Rose du Sable can host up to 160 people. One of the lounges has a satellite TV receiving many international channels.

A lunch or a dinner starts from 7 € (drinks are not included).

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