Swimming pool at the Rose du Sable

Swimming pool at the Rose du Sable

A swimming pool in the sunset

In the middle of the hotel, enjoy the luxury of a large swimming pool. With a shallow pool where your children can play, and a deep bath large enough to really swim, our pool is the perfect place to cool down when the Moroccan sun burns everything. The children pool is separated from the large one by big blocks where you can sit to keep an eye on your children.

Tables are around the swimming pool, and you can even have a nap under our Berber large tent. Hotel walls protect you from the winds.

That's really the place for a farniente afternoon, or for a quick dive in the morning before leaving on a tour. At night, there are enough lights around the pool for a swim under the stars. By the way, do you know the Berber name for a desert rose (the name of our hotel) is "star fallen from the sky" ?

Of course, our swimming pool is regularly cleaned, with the appropriate chemicals, and you have showers nearby. Like everywhere in La Rose du Sable, cleanliness is essential.

Of course, access to our swimming pool if completely free for all our guests even for those sleeping on the terrace, or stopping only for a meal!.

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