Tours and trips

Ait Ben Haddou, Tamdakht are destinations you can reach with your own vehicle. Rose des Sables can also organize a trip for you, or a trekking with a night under the tent. You can also have a short camel ride (but camels are more at ease in the sands of the desert, and we use mules to carry the luggage during a trek).

Camel in front of Tamdaght kasbah

Camel in front of Tamdaght kasbah


Fancy some mountain biking? A real sportive trek? Rose des Sables can organize it for you, you leave your luggage at the hotel, where the bikes and / or guide are waiting for you, and you leave for one or several days, through the mountains and high plateau.

For the children

Donkey riding through the gardens is a great family activity. You walk along the small sentries along the rivers, pass by the cultivated parcels (called here gardens), at your ease and own speed. A quiet and fun day that will be a great souvenir!